Looking for an easy way to produce content from your event and draw a larger audience? Our platform will help your event attract press coverage by giving journalists easy ways to find the sound bites they need to share your event with their readers. Your audience quickly finds the content they want with no need to sit through long videos. You create SEO optimized content after the event without any need to edit videos or transcribe responses.

Draw more quality attendees and convert your events into searchable content
Digital Q&A After the Event   Video Archiving

More, quality attendees
Lower marketing costs
Increased press

Whether you video tape your event or not, our platform gives you a convenient way to create a digital export of any live event that is search engine optimized to help more of the right people find your event and discuss it with peers.

  Have your panel answer selection questions from the audience who wanted to attend in person but could not. Our platform makes it quick and secure for panelists to interact with your audience when it's convenient for them.   Viewers don't have time to watch long video clips. Our software lets you create short clips in a matter of seconds. No video editing or transcribing required.
Attract More Quality Attendees  
Increased Press Coverage
  Sharing content from a panel of expert presenters attracts serious prospects and motivated participants. The networkers with little use for the information will be weeded out.   The easier you make it for journalists to do their jobs, the more likely they are to write about your events and initiatives. Our platform makes it simple for them to find what they need.



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