Imagine if just one best practice used by top performers was implemented by your entire sales force or company? How would that impact your bottom line? Panel Publishing lets you create a panel of top performers so they can share their wisdom with the rest of the team. Managers can then use the content to create training materials, accelerate team building, and encourage new hires to seek advice from knowledgeable peers.

A better way to train and share best practices
Lower travel expenses

Share Best Practices Faster

Better best practice sharing
If sharing best practices were easy, then it wouldn't be such a challenge for most organizations.

To encourage sharing, you need systems to protect employees’ time and reputations.

Our platform ensures that:
1) users can answer questions quickly and without the risk of the information being misused.

2) Trainers can conveniently share the information with the people who need it most.

3) People seeking information have a comfortable and convenient way to direct their questions to the most qualified individuals.

  Sharing best practices digitally is not a substitute for face-to-face training, but it will dramatically reduce travel expenses and make better use of live training sessions. You want to give your people a way to share information that uses their time efficiently. Our system does that, while ensuring you won't misuse the information.

Team Building
Easily Create Training Tools
  The platform you'll create with our software looks like a magazine written by sales people for sales people. From day 1, a new team member will know that management values their input. Building a case study or training binder is as simple as checking some boxes and exporting it to a PDF. New members of your team can receive real life case studies that feature diverse perspectives from top-performing peers.



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